• Refresh your memory of your thesis. How strong do you feel it is at this point? What questions do you have about it? Freewrite about it for a little while and then we'll apply your thoughts to revisions!


Focusing your thesis:

  • Everyone should have a draft of their thesis today. Get this out so that you can use it.
  • Read the OWL's discussion of thesis narrowing, comparing your draft to it as you go.
    • If you have questions as you go through this, flag me down and I'll work on this with you!
    • Once you've gone through this on your own, you can share your thesis with your neighbor for further feedback.
  • The thesis is the foundation for your argument, so spend most of today's classtime working with your draft, revising it into a solid base for the rest of your writing. By the end of today's time, you should have this done; if not, you'll need to complete this as homework.

and then...

Portfolio 3

P3 discussion.