• Before freewriting, reflect on what makes you a good writer. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses as writers, but focusing on what you do well often helps organize your writing around the things that really stand out!


  • Let's begin by going over some Faculty Pet Peeves!
  • Next, I'd like you to practice an editing technique called "backward reading".
    • To do this, you'll need to read your neighbor's draft, so work with someone you feel comfortable sharing your work with.
    • Start at the end of the draft and read the first complete sentence.
    • Continue working backward through the draft, reading each complete sentence out loud (you don't have to be loud, though).
  • If done thoroughly, this technique will help you avoid errors that your brain would otherwise gloss over when reviewing your work in your head.
  • BIG DEAL ALERT: Original Title!
    • Don't forget to give your Analysis a title that describes your writing!
    • Titles like An Analysis of Ford Prefect are not appropriate, nor is Character Analysis. Especially not Character Analysis!
  • Finally, let's go over a short little handout that is a useful guide for editing on your own.
    • Once you've finished adding what you need to add to your Character Analysis, you'll want to complete the writing process by self-editing. Using this checklist (now and in the future) can help keep you on point!

Reflective Overview

  • One more handout! Let's take a look at the RO rubric!


  • Finish your Analyses, so that you don't have to rush at the last minute!
  • Once you've finished editing your essays, read over this list to be sure that your essay doesn't stand out as a last-minute job! (Especially if you are aware that you procrastinate! :P )