Today's freewrite is a true freewrite! When I give the go ahead, begin writing about whatever is on your mind and continue typing for 5 minutes without stopping.


You have the option to submit your work online for this portfolio. Let's go over some wiki basics to help you out with that!

  • Remember, the next two portfolios will need to be submitted online, so the sooner you practice with the wiki, the better off you'll be!

Rule #1: Wiki submissions should be posted to the Dropbox only after you have everything completed and organized.

Rule #2: Double check your uploads on someone else's computer (or in the labs). Sometimes things get uploaded incorrectly, but don't show up that way on the computer you uploaded from.

Rule #3: Don't wait till the deadline to attempt your uploads! There are no last-minute extensions!

  • Let's go over the grading rubric and discuss the portfolio requirements again, briefly.

Port-floio Questions

For the rest of the class, you can work on finishing up your essays and I will answer questions for you about them or the other port-floio stuff.


Turn in your stuff on time! :)