• Let's begin with a freewrite about your research experience. Think about what you did last semester and how you might improve your experience this time around!

Discovering Your Technology

  • Dr. Kaku explains what you might find in your technology research. (minutes 12-42)
    • This video is 30 minutes, so we will begin as soon as you finish your freewrite!
  • So what?
    • Let's discuss how this translates into your research.
    • What does this mean in the relation to freedom?
    • Who gets to have technology?
    • What forces in the world act on these advances?


  • Over the next few days, play this game!
  • See how far you can get with only your knowledge of the story, but once you have experimented a bit, use this walkthrough to "guide" you through the game.
  • Be sure to check out section 7: 'For Your Amusement' and try some of these commands!