Virtual Identities


  • Take a minute and think about the voice you used in your first portfolio project.
    • What values of yours does it represent?
    • How does it relate to your own voice (the one you speak to people with)?
  • What happens when our audience is everyone?
    • How would you feel if your project was shown to the entire world?
    • What kind of reaction would you expect from an internet audience?

Understanding Our Audience

  • Let's discuss the second portfolio and how it relates to the way we write in our modern context.
    • What ways do we have of presenting ourselves that didn't exist before?
    • Who reads this stuff anyway?
    • Why does it matter?


  • Let's examine your research now!
    • Utilizing the sources you brought in for homework, begin another paragraph on today's freewrite.
    • Answer the following question as thoroughly as you can, in regard to the audience of the source:
      • What is the significance of this article to different people who have access to it?


  • Read Poe and Whithaus' discussions of rhetoric in Techno-VELCRO.
    • Play around with the page, too, while you're at it. Have you ever read anything that's put together like this before?
    • Be sure to make note of any questions you have; we'll be discussing on Wednesday!