Remember to meet in CCH117!!


We'll spend the first part of class discussing H2G2 (Chapters 1&2);but first, answer me a quiz question!


Next, we're gonna begin thinking about groups for the Character Analysis.

I'll give some examples on the board, but if you want to add to it, I'll consider any suggestions we can come up with in class. In order to be an appropriate subject for this project, the groups need to be focused on a particular kind of freedom, so make sure you can explain (or at least give me an idea of) how your suggestion fits that criterion. With that said, the more diversity of groups we have, the better!

Today, we will also assign ourselves into groups. These groups have the potential to change, but keep in mind that it will be in your best interest to begin your working bibliography (part of Portfolio 2) as early as possible; if you decide to change groups at some point, you will likely have to begin your research anew.

Homework (for Wednesday!)

  • Begin an initial step in the research process by investigating some popular resources for your topic. These sources can include magazines (which are mostly available online; we have a nice selection in the library too, though), newspapers (LexisNexus is a good source for news articles), and other media such as television and radio (or more specific sources). Bring the most interesting thing you find to class on Wednesday, either physically or (ideally) in electronic form, so that we can share it with the class.
    • We will also begin our use of wiki for the semester, so be prepared to tackle that if you haven't already!
  • Continue reading H2G2... we'll be discussing it again on Friday and the more you read now, the less you'll have to later!