• Today we begin freewriting. Freewrites will reside on your wiki pages, so if you haven't used them before, we'll spend some time discussing that!
  • If you have already got some things going on with your wiki, please be sure to create a new link for the writing for this class.
  • Please don't start early; bear with me!
    • Remember that a freewrite should be completed without stopping; once i say "ready, set, go" you should be writing continuously, even if you get off topic!
  • The direction of today's freewrite should be based on your homework.
    • Try to explain, in your own words, why your choice of article (or whatever you brought) caught your attention and what you gained by finding it.

Sharing the Wealth

  • We'll spend the rest of the class discussing each of your pieces and how they fit into your subject area as well as the nature of this assignment.


  • Read through Chapter 12 of The H2G2.
  • Remember to meet in CCH117 on Friday for discussion.