• Today's freewrite will be based on personality traits. Think about your most or least favorite traits (you might even consider your Strengths Quest results) and the traits of people you know. How do these traits help determine our actions?

Character Analysis


  • The first thing to decide in making your character analysis is who you intend to examine. We've been introduced to most of the story's characters in the reading we've done so far, and you can refer to the examples I posted as a reference for which characters work well with your chosen subject group.
    • Write down, on a piece of paper, which character you like the best (or one you haven't read bout yet if you're not totally excited about one of the main characters!) and a few reasons why.
    • Try to focus on the characteristics that distinguish this character from the others in the story, as well as how they fit into the subject you have chosen.
    • I will come around and try to answer any questions you have as you do this.


  • Next, you need to get into your Subject groups and discuss the characters you've selected.
    • This should only take a couple of minutes, but should help build your understanding of why certain characters work well with certain subjects.
    • Think back to what you recall of our discussions so far and try to apply some of the ideas to your group discussion!


  • Finally, we need to focus on the key elements of a Character Analysis.
    • The two most important things to identify when beginning a Character Analysis are their actions and their speech.
      • Look in the text and try to pinpoint some of the specific actions and speech from your character and begin interpreting what they say about your character.
      • How does your selected character respond when confronted with decisions or challenges?
      • What does your character say about the events going on around them?
    • Be sure to refer to the questions in the Portfolio description to get an idea of where you are heading with this!


  • Continue reading H2G2. We will be discussing through Chapter 24 on Friday!
  • Also continue your subject investigation. Bring two more interesting articles to class on Wednesday, along with the original one from last week. (If you didn't have one last week, you still need to bring three interesting articles!)
    • Try exploring some news outlets you've never used before; there's a vast amount of information available to you on the web!
    • We will be using these articles in class, so don't forget to have them available, either in print or electronically.