Wiki Challenge Day


Today we will be doing a little problem solving!

  • In groups of three, you will work to accomplish goals that will help you understand how to design creative, multidimensional wiki pages for your portfolio projects.
  • Use the editing and formatting tutorials to help figure out how to accomplish your tasks.
  • Choose one group member's project (someone who has some of their research available to them might be a good choice) and work from their student page to begin a wiki project!


1. This group will need to work with images to:

  • Embed an image on the page
  • Make the image link to another page
  • Place text around the image (not just under it) and add a caption to it
  • Resize the image so that it fits appropriately (or interestingly) on the page
  • Add text that appears when you hover the cursor over the image

2. This group will work with attachments to:

  • Upload a document (.doc) file
  • Create a link that has a file attached to it
    • The target of the link should be an uploaded .pdf file (perhaps one of your sources)
    • The text of the link should be an uploaded image (.jpg)
      • Take a screenshot to use as the .jpg

3. This group will work with links to:

  • Make five kinds of links
    • One link should connect to a webpage that connects to your topic
    • One link should link to another page on your wiki project, where you will add an indented paragraph
    • One link should connect to another student wiki in your group
    • One link (from the other page you created) should link back to the original page
    • One link should be internal; it should link to another part of the same page
  • All links should have a unique title, instead of the actual link name
  • At least one of the links should open in a new window

4. This group will work with text and tables to:

  • Create a block of text that has a background color
  • Create a link within the block that has a different color
  • Create a table with a single column title and at least 4 columns below that
  • Use italics, underline, and strike-through within the text of the table
  • Create a background image for the whole table

Bonus!: If you finish your tasks early, you get extra credit for doing this:

  • Use a frame around some text

When you finish, we'll share your work with the class!


  • Over the next few days, play this game!
  • See how far you can get with only your knowledge of the story, but once you have experimented a bit, use this walkthrough to "guide" you through the game.
  • Be sure to check out section 7: 'For Your Amusement' and try some of these commands!

Important Notice:

  • You are not required to submit a proposal to the FYRC; however, the deadline is today, so if you are interested in applying for it, you need to meet with me in the office between 1-2pm to collaborate on a proposal.
    • FYRC presenters have the added incentive of automatically earning an A on the presentation portion of the final portfolio!