• Today's freewrite will serve as a space for your classwork, too.
    • Make a link at the beginning of today's freewrite to a new page that you can add to in just a minute.
    • Next, write for 5-10 minutes about your understanding of your topic so far, as demonstrated in the research you've completed.

Comparing Rhetoric

  • You should have two sources with you today.
    • Let's see how well you differentiated your sources by checking them on Ulrich's.
    • Is one scholarly? Let's examine that one first.

Scholarly Article

  • For your wiki project, you'll be making decisions about the hypertext links you create within your text. In a scholarly article, there are forms of linking, too! Without hypertext, "links" occur in the form of footnotes and citations.
    • Find two instances of linking in your document and make note of the information they link to (do this on the page you created in your freewrite).
    • We'll share some of the information once you've found a couple.
  • What kind of connections are there between your article and other information?
  • Rhetorically (in terms of audience, context, etc.), what significance does this have?

Popular Source

  • Ok, let's move on to your other source.
    • Does your source utilize images? Are there advertisements? If your source is available online, does that affect these elements? Here's an example we can analyze first.
    • Other kinds of "linked" information might include these kinds of things. Alternatively, the layout of the page might serve similar purposes.
    • On your freewrite link, write about the imagery or layout of your popular article.
      • Does it add to the material in the text? Does it distract?
      • What rhetorical choices did the author/editor make?
  • Once you've written about some of these things, we'll discuss some of your examples and give you a chance to add to your freewrite page, for future reference.


Conferences on Monday!

  • Use whatever form of Invention you prefer to create some ideas for your wiki project.
    • Listing, Bubbling, Clustering, or whatever works best for you will suffice, so long as you have some ideas on a page.
    • Write your favorite ones on the bottom of the Conference Sheet and answer the first two questions on it, after discussing the group option with some classmates.
    • Bring this stuff to your conference on Monday!