• Excited about Spring Break yet? Freewrite about it (or whatever else is on your mind) today!

Group Work

Today, we'll be working on your topic narrowing and argument development.

  • Begin by getting into groups of 3. This time, I'll give you numbers, just to mix it up a bit ;)
    • Next, you should take 10 minutes or so to explain the things you've researched so far to your group.
    • Once you've explained your findings, your group members should ask you some questions:
  1. What is one thing that you've learned from your research that you didn't know before?
  2. Is there a particular perspective on your topic, from your research, that you agree with?
  3. If not, do you have significant disagreements with anything you've found so far?
    • Finally, using a scratch piece of paper, write one or two sentences that define a conflict within your topic. You'll be giving these to me when you're done, so take your time and make them specific!
      • Note: You aren't required to stick to the conflict that you write down today. If you come across something later in your research that changes your perspective or alters your direction, you can use today's work as a trial run at pinpointing an argument.
  • With whatever time is left, let's try to expand your research.
    • Take a minute to look at the library catalog and see if you can find information about the conflict you identified in a book.
      • 'Nother Note: If you've already found some book sources, congratulations! You can use this time to research any way you choose!


  • Create an outline or blueprint for your Charlotte Temple Project and bring it class on Friday!
    • You'll be handing this in to me, so make sure you have a copy for yourself to keep over Spring Break.
  • We'll be working with wiki on Friday!