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Sean's Reflection Δ

Sean's Artist Statement Δ

Shena's Reflection

Shena's Artist Statement

Richard's Artist Statement

Richie's Reflection

Richie's Artist Statement

Russell's Artist Statement

Russell's Reflection Statement

Katelyn's Reflection

Katelyn's Artist statement

Steven's Reflection

Steven's Artistic

Michael Ramon Artistic Statement

Michael Ramon Reflection

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Jasmine Boutte's Artist Statement

Uli 2.0 Artist Statement

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Josh Picarazzi's Artistic Statement

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Felina Ortiz's Artist Statement

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Gabby's artistic statement

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Clifford's Artistic Statement

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Nicholas' Artist Statement

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Molly's Artist Statement

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Max's Reflection

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Matt's Reflection

Sean's Artistic Statement

Sean's Reflection

Edward's Artist Statement

Edward's Artist Statement

Edward's Reflection

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Brittany's Artistic Statement

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Fernando's Artist Statement

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Ashley's Artist Statement

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Liz's Artist Statement

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