Arguments of Fact

  • Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy
  • An i7 processor is faster than an i3
  • Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol

Arguments of Definition

  • The Westboro Baptist Church is a [positive religious institution]/church. (Incidentally, this is not the only church that this argument arises from...)
  • A volunteer is only a volunteer if they accept no compensation for their efforts.
  • A definition is an absolute conditional statement
  • Socialism is the devil. (I totally paraphrased there)
  • Anyone who gets paid for their work is a prostitute
  • Twilight vampires are not real vampires.
  • Intelligence is the way you critically think or how well you can perform a task.
  • Creation is evolutionary/supernatural
  • freedom, for a drug abuser or gang member, might mean the relative safety of prison (freedom from fear, kind of?)

Arguments of Evaluation

  • Viagra is lovely
  • Apple has the best technological products
  • Jazz is one of the greatest music genres of all time
  • ProActiv works great!

Causal Arguments

  • If the US military overthrew and ousted the North Korean government, the nuclear threat from them would be gone and their people would be better off.
  • A beehive should be removed because someone living nearby is allergic to bee stings.
  • Poor people are poor because of decisions they've made in life.
  • Vending machines in schools contribute to childhood obesity.