Pyramid Time!

For the n00bs

  • Get into groups based on my instructions...
  • Come up with a team name
  • Round #1 rules:
    1. Each team will have one turn - one minute for seven possible points
    2. Each team will elect a "clue giver"
    3. No "textual" clues (such as "it rhymes with" or "it starts with" or "it's the opposite of...") are allowed. You need to describe the term in the context of Dr. Song's History class!
    4. Everyone else on the team will be guessers who will face away from the screen. (If you cheat, then you will forfeit your points!)
    5. Oh yeah, and no notes can be used! If you can't get a term, then you can pass.
  • Round #2 rules:
    1. Now you'll combine teams based on my instructions...
    2. Same rules as before, but with TWO "clue givers" per team now!
  • If time permits, there will be an exhilarating lightning round!