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What to Write

Based on the research you conducted for Writing Project 2,the Research Journal, take a stand on a key aspect of your topic. Prove your thesis by constructing a well organized argument using the Argumentative Guide and by using effective rhetorical devices.

To Help You Get Started...

Respond to the following prompts to help you begin drafting, clarify key points and formulate a thesis:

  • Identify the problem your issue poses.
  • Based on your previous research, who are the key players and what are their perspectives on the best way to enact change (reach a solution)
  • What is the historical context of the issue? How has this issue evolved over time?
  • What is the political context of the issue? How does this issue play out in the political arena?
  • What are the different perspectives on the causes & effects and possible solutions? What will likely happen, based on that group's perspective, if a particular solution is employed?
  • Based on your critical analysis and research, what's the best solution(s) to this issue?
  • How do you propose enacting your solution and bringing about substantive change to the status quo?
  • In enacting your solution, what rhetorical strategies should key players utilize? What kinds of rhetorical strategies would best convince an audience that your proposed solution will work?
  • What is the likely outcome if your proposed solution is employed?

Project Document Requirements

The paper must follow the MLA academic method of documentation. In order to meet the requirements of the assignment, 6-10 pages are likely needed, typed, double-spaced, 12" font. You will likely need in the range of 5-8 sources for this paper. Focus on locating books from the library or articles from the databases for your historical research. AVOID "GOOGLE" BASED SEARCHES. This paper will require multiple drafts, including evidence of peer response and including a fully evolved draft that you will present at a point in advance of the final due date.