This exam will take place at 8am on May 14th in CCH 210!

For your Engl.1301 Final Portfolio -- which counts for 15% of your grade in this course,I would like you to reflect on your growth as a college writer this semester. Specifically, I'd like you to reflect on how you feel you've met the learning objectives of this course.

ENGL 1301 Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply principles of the writing process, including drafting, editing, and revision, to generate academic/professional documents
  • Analyze complex issues/ideas in research-based academic writing
  • Analyze and interpret a variety of texts
  • Write in several genres
  • Produce an introduction with a solid focus, direction, and purpose
  • Cohesively integrate academic research to support the writer's purpose
  • Connect ideas across courses

How Should I Prepare For The Final Portfolio?

To prepare for your final portfolio, you will need to collect evidence to show me how (you think) you've met ALL of the goals for Engl. 1301. It would be better to OVER-prepare for this than to UNDER-prepare. (Thus, you should probably bring multiple pieces of evidence for each learning objective listed above. Keep in mind, though, that a single piece of evidence could match up to several learning objectives!)

What Should I Bring To The Final Exam?

On your assigned final "exam" day, you will need to bring the following materials with you:

  • A folder with brads
  • ALL of your possible evidence
  • Money on your sandollar to print (if you need to print any of your evidence)

What Will Happen During The Final Exam?

During the final "exam", I will select one learning objective at random. Your job will be to TYPE a Reflective Overview (RO) about the selected learning objective. You will select evidence that shows how you have PROGRESSED on that learning objective throughout the semester. Through your evidence, you will prove how you have progressed as a writer in regard to the chosen learning objective.

Your RO should still have an introduction and a conclusion. The number of sections in the body of your paper depends on how much evidence you use to "prove" that you have progressed as a writer.

You will upload the Reflective Overview to blackboard and submit your evidence either electronically or in your folder.