Writing Assignment 2: The Research Journal

For this assignment you will need to gather a variety of academic sources on your topic, then review those sources and reflect on each in a journal entry. The purpose of the journal is to 1) deepen your understanding of the topic as you proceed through your sources, 2) evaluate how reliable each source is, depending upon its slant, and 3) enter into an ongoing conversation or debate about your event/issue. But, before making an academic argument, it is vital you explore and understand the conversation surrounding the issue. Therefore, there will be three components to this assignment: The Research Journal, A Group Bibliography (Annotated), and a Research Proposal.

Research Journal

Group Bibliography (Part 2)

The Research Proposal (Part 2)

Here are the requirements for this assignment:

  • You should have 6-8 sources to complete this assignment.
    • At least one entry should be a primary source.
    • No more than 3 of your entries should be non-scholarly sources.
  • All components of this assignment need to be in correct APA format.
  • Part 1 will be due Wednesday, March 9th by 11:59pm on blackboard.
  • This assignment is worth 15% of your course grade.

Here are the rubrics I will use for this complete project: Research Journal Rubric & Research Proposal & Group Bibliography rubric Δ

  • Part 2 will be introduced later. The due date for part 2 is not until March 25th.