• Think about the main idea from NWWK 2.6: "Texts Get Their Meaning From Other Texts" (Refer back to your book if you need to!)
    • In a blank Word or Google document, reflect for a moment on how your individual interests helped guide your search for sources since last class.

Evaluating Sources

Now, add to the document you created at the beginning of class, and respond to the following prompts:

  • Based on the research you did for Homework 4:
    • What issues/problems that Computer Scientists face in the world today might you be able to explain to someone who has little or no experience in CS?
    • What key words from your articles (that may be unfamiliar/pertinent) help define the issues?
    • How do these issues relate to your Computer Science concentration (or someone else's)?
    • How does your interest in CS play a role in your perspective about this issue?
  • Let's organize the class by concentration and identify themes for further research.
  • Then, let's check out Points of View.
    • Using this database, investigate the perspectives that are defined around an issue you've discussed in your group.
  • Try to find varying perspectives, then discuss and record any differences you might have about the PoV? topic.
  • Save your document somewhere as part of your writing for Portfolio 1. You don't need to submit this for a grade, but these are the kinds of things you should continue to do to demonstrate how your writing plays a role in your understanding of your research.

Portfolio Preparation

  • Let's talk about the "Synthesis Article" you're working toward!
    • You should be using your initial research to help inform the way you'll write.
    • Investigate the structure and conventions of an article like this. What do you need to know in order to begin drafting your own article?
    • As you continue investigating your topic, practice drafting you Synthesis Article. Don't skip this; they're just drafts, after all...
    • These questions should help guide you, but the way you think about your research should evolve as you work with it. Practice evaluating perspective by writing about the sources you find!


  • On Thursday, we'll be using the 3rd Threshold Concept (pp. 48-58).
    • Be sure to have read this short section by our next class meeting.