Wired Mag Fiction: Problem Identification

Goals for Today:

  • In your story teams, create a brief synopsis of your story, recorded here,

to communicate to the class.

  • Define the issues that the story grapples with. I have some general keywords you can use if you need them, but this will depend on your perspective!
  • Use 5 minutes each, in your teams, to summarize the story and explain to the class what you've come up with in terms of audience, author, genre, and purpose.

Topics for Comp Science research

  • Let's brainstorm some
  • What fields of application within Computer Science can we use to guide our further inquiry of problem-solving?
    • We'll return to this brainstorming as we get into the idea of research next week!


  • No reading! Prepare for an assessment of writing on Tuesday (you'll be writing in class!)
  • You'll be submitting two separate pieces of writing next week, the in-class assessment on Tuesday (Homework 2), as well as an evaluative piece based on your Wired mag story (Homework 3).
    • You will not need to do anything outside of class for Homework 2 other than coming to class prepared to write (preparation includes having read all assigned chapters in NWWK and "Shitty First Drafts").
    • You will need to add, subtract, and otherwise revise your work from today to complete Homework 3. This means engaging in the process of writing over the weekend! Remember that your first portfolio will ask you to demonstrate evidence (artifacts) from your writing process, so save copies of drafts as you work.