1) Cover Page – be creative, but professional

  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address (make it look professional; avoid things like CHS-hotty@whatever.com)

2) Table of Contents – provide the reader with a clear outline of your portfolio’s contents

3) Practice Cover Letter – this letter is designed to get you into the habit of writing formal business letters. A high quality letter is perhaps the most important part of the job search. Many employers won’t even look at your résumé or application if your letter contains spelling/grammar/formatting errors. Your letter is your first impression – make it good!

4) Résumé – “The purpose of a résumé is to get an interview, not a job!” Make it look good!

  • Career/Job Objective (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • Education & Training (detailed information)
  • Work Experience and/or Skills & Abilities
  • Community Service/Involvement
  • Hobbies & Activities

5) Experiential Evidence

  • Include evidence of your learning, both in and outside of Triad CS, so far this semester – things that demonstrate your interest in Computer Science!

6) Reflective Overview – a letter to me, your professor

  • This short document should explain how the evidence you provided helps define you as a Computer Scientist. In your introduction, explain what qualities and characteristics define a Computer Scientist. In your conclusion, explain how your evidence demonstrates that you fit that definition.
  • Refer specifically to each piece of evidence in the body of the letter and give details about what it is and how it symbolizes part of your experience becoming a Computer Scientist.