• Think about what kind of writing you want to produce for your portfolio and why, especially by defining what topic you are interested in writing about. Explaining the rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, genre, exigence, etc.) will help you mold your writing into a meaningful and effective means of communicating your ideas. What kind of writing would you like to model your own after? Where do you imagine your writing being published, distributed, or simply seen? What have you already written that you can draw your ideas out from?


  • Let's take some time to expand your investigation of other voices on your topic.
  • Use the resources we've discussed to look for sources that define the parameters of the conversation.
  • Document your research process as you work!
  • Show me some of the things you're doing and I'll help each of you, time permitting.


  • Use the "reply" button to respond to someone else's freewriting from today. Your goal is to ask questions that further the discussion. Do not judge or critique the freewrite, simply ask about things that your classmate may not have gotten to include. Do you best to reply to a freewrite that hasn't already been commented on.