• NWWK Threshold Concept 2
    • Listing types of writing in the field
    • Searching for models of writing and analyzing them
    • Presenting our results


Hereís our premise. What do you think about this?

Prof. Wineburg says one mistake schools make is to block certain websites from students while they are at school. "In many schools there are internet filters that direct students to previously vetted sites and reliable sources of information. But what happens when they leave school and they take out their phone and they look at their Twitter feed? How do they become prepared to make the choices about what to believe, what to forward, what to post to their friends when theyíve given no practice in doing those kinds of things in school?"

  • Do you agree with Dr. Wineburg? Should schools block certain websites? Why or why not?
  • Here's a checklist for evaluating online content.

  • Activity:
    • Search the internet for information about "chem-trails."
    • Work with a partner to discuss what you found. Weíll share your results with the class and briefly discuss.
    • Take a look at this.
    • What key points about this piece can we point to that help us understand credibility and how it relates to academic integrity? Begin a Word document that answers this question.
  • Now, letís define peer-review and scholarly work, and distinguish it from a "popular" source.
    • Youíll be searching for scholarly information (through google scholar that reflects a topic of interest for you.
    • Itís ok (and perhaps even expected) that the kind of information you find is challenging to read and/or seems like it might not reflect exactly what you were looking for. This is an initial exploration, not a conclusion to your research!
    • You'll be writing about this piece for your next writing assignment, due Monday before class. Check Blackboard!
  • Letís take a look at the Bell Library website to see how to continue this research. (and utilize Ulrichs to double check!)

Be sure to work on your Research Writing assignment over the weekend and submit your writing before we meet on Monday!