Peer review!!

You are responsible for reviewing Two Drafts today! Reviewees have been chosen randomly!

Step One: Create comments (by replying to the post) in the freewrite thread that you are assigned to review, including at least the following:

  1. One or two sentences that explain what you think the overall message or point is. What do you think readers should be able to take away from reading this?
  2. At least one thing you like about the paper. What did the writer do especially well?
  3. At least one thing that you are unsure about, having trouble with, or that still needs work.

Step Two: Read through the draft again, then focus on these things to comment about:

  • Is the writer communicating what he/she wanted to communicate?
  • Does this feel like a genre you are familiar with? What would you call this genre?
  • Are there things that seem to fit well with or not fit with the conventions of the intended genre?
  • Are there any parts of the writing that seem unclear or confusing? Point out specific places in the text and explain your concerns.
  • Where are the places when the writing is particularly good or effective? Note these too and explain why you like them or find them effective.
  • Does the writing need more explanation, less explanation, or does the flow need to be reworked? Are there any parts that seem "out of place"?
  • Do not point out spelling, grammar, or punctuation problems unless they interfere with your understanding of the text. This is a draft and revising and editing are two different things.