Topics and Teams

  • Today, we'll be organizing the second half of your semester!
  • Let's start by identifying who has a clear research focus, who wants to change theirs, and who is on the fence.
  • Then, we'll start organizing you into teams from which to build your webpages for Portfolio 2!

from Everything's an Argument by Lunsford & Ruszkiewiscz (2013)

Proposal Discussion

  • What kinds of proposals are there?
  • What are the key ingredients in an academic proposal?
  • What the heck is Toulmin? (Why do we need to know?)
  • What are we proposing for?

Proposal Drafting

  • Look at the examples of proposal claims I've provided.
    • Individually, brainstorm some potential panel claims on a sheet of paper. You've got 10 minutes.
  • Get together in your webpage teams!
    • Work with your team to communicate and establish your individual argumentative goals, based on your (potential) topics.
    • Discuss how your goals demonstrate something about the theme you're organized around.
    • Take notes to use when you determine (individually) whether or not to submit to the FYRC!!
  • Next, return to your computers for some drafting.
    • Individually, address each of the following questions that may allow you to explore your problem without having a clear thesis yet:
  1. Why does this issue deserve attention? What's at stake?
  2. To whom are you reaching out in your proposal? Why is this group appropriate? Can you identify individuals who can actually fix a problem?
  3. What major difficulties can you foresee for your proposal? How will you demonstrate that what you're proposing is necessary and feasible? How might your proposal be funded?
  4. What sources do you expect to consult in strategizing your proposal?
    • We'll use these to Peer Review your Proposal work when we get back from the break.


  • Proposals are due Wednesday, March 21st, before midnight on Blackboard!
    • Collaborate, if possible, with your webpage teams to conceptualize your Proposal Claim.
    • Define your thesis using the Toulmin method (Claim, Reason, Warrant). We'll use these elements Tuesday to focus your Proposals.
    • Remember that this Proposal would serve as the foundation of your FYRC application, if you choose to submit it!