In order to practice for your own projects, we're going to do mini Charlotte Temple projects today!

  1. Get into groups!
  2. Each group will get a scene from the first volume of the book. Your job is to prepare a two-minute presentation about this scene. This presentation can be ANYTHING, so be creative (as long as it's rated PG)! Here are some ideas:
    • Act out the scene!
    • Make up a song about it
    • Combine the two and turn it into a musical!
    • Write a poem or rap
    • Draw a cartoon about the scene
    • Do a silent film version of the scene
    • Modernize the scene in some way (turn it into an action film or comedy?)
  • One rule: Everyone has to be involved in some aspect of the presentation...even if it's as a prop or sound effects
  • At around 30 after, each group will "present" their scene for the class!