• Take a few minutes to freewrite about your experience with Flight so far.

Flight Discussion

  • Let's chat! :D

Sponsors of Literacy

  • Let's talk about what literacies you've identified and how describing them will play a key role in your Literacy Autobiography.


  • Continue reading Flight, chapters 4-9, for next week!
  • Due Monday: Read portions of Devoss et al. "The Future of Literacy" from WAW. Introduction (pgs. 396-397), one Case Study of your choice, and the conclusion (pg. 414-419).
  • Using your list of your literacy experiences, write about their significance in relation to each other and your discourse communities. You should have at least a page and a half, separate from your list, that discusses your literacy, when you return to class on Monday.
    • Your discussion should consider not only what experiences have shaped your literacy, but in what way they have shaped them. Remember that this is just drafting and doesn't have to be polished! Content is much more valuable than style at this point in your writing!