Freewrite on Cisneros

  • What does she assume from her reader?
  • What would you assume about the reader of your project 1 paper?

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Revision Techniques

Burroughs-Style Revision: Burroughs

  • Find the part of your essay that seems to express your central idea best
  • Cut it out
  • Cut out the remaining paragraphs and separate the ones that seem to work best with your initial paragraph choice - If you find that some of the pieces don't work very well, you can always replace them!
  • Try rearranging what you have left and number the pieces in a new order
  • Look closely for areas where you could "fill-in the gaps"
  • Think about new beginnings and endings - don't worry too much about transitions, they can come later
  • Make notes on your own draft before you submit them to me

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  • Think about what you would like to discuss at your conference
  • Work on second draft
  • Write a short (1 or 2 pages) journal describing yourself as a writer.
    • What have you learned so far about your writing style and habits?
    • Is there something about your writing that you find difficult?
    • How does your writing express your goals as a student and future graduate?