DeVoss Activity

  • Let's take the literacies described in the DeVoss article and write about them for a moment.
    • Using your book as a guide, spend 10 minutes describing the particular case study that you chose to read.
      • Think about how you connected with or empathized with the subject.
    • Think about how this particular case was defined by context, external forces, and sponsors!
    • Finally, be sure to mention why this is the one you chose; why not the others?

Application to Literacy Autobiography

  • Let's discuss how this kind of practice applies to your own writing.
    • Using your drafts, we'll work in partners to help develop organization and add elaboration to your examples.
    • Primarily, you should be thinking about how you can use your examples to describe your literacy as a writer.
    • Let's make your drafts work better! :)


  • Jose Limon (Sept. 20th, from 5-6 PM in CI 138)
  • Flight Quiz #2!


  • Revise your draft and expand your discussion of writing literacy to create a reviewable version of your autobiography!
    • Bring your new draft to class Wednesday for peer review! You should have 3 copies printed, or an electronic version that can be used by your peers.