• Haas and Flower discuss the construction of meaning by a reader.
    • What do they mean by this?
    • What do they say experienced readers do when constructing meaning?
    • Do you agree with their methodology?

Rhetorical Analysis discussion

Cognitive Dissonance

  • Video
  • Let's revisit the idea Mr. Donaldson mentions about bias.
    • How does this connect with language?
    • How are different meanings created from the same piece of text?
    • What are the increments of knowledge that make up writing?
  • Metaphor
  • Rhetorical Connections
    • Consider how language creates meaning based on our biases.
    • Can we manipulate language to create an effect?
    • Can we analyze those tricks in other people's writing accurately?
    • What tools do we have for doing this?


  • Write a one page response to the questions in today's class plans.
    • Bring this to compinar on Wednesday.
  • Read Talbot's A Rhetorical Analysis of Authors on the CIA Torture Inquiry, p.156 in WAW and begin reading Charlotte Temple
  • Meet in your seminar room at your seminar time on Wednesday for COMPINAR! You won't be meeting during your composition time; you will only meet with us once!