Peer Workshop

  • Peer review is an important part of the writing process!
    • Let's freewrite, then discuss some guidelines for giving feedback in order to make this a worthwhile endeavor.


  • Objective Feedback
  • Read the entire draft before marking on it!
    • Seeing someone's text from your own perspective
    • Explaining to them how you "see" it
    • Being kind, but honest, in the process
  • Ways of Responding
    • Circle or mark a ? in the text where you are confused
    • Ask the writer to explain her/his ideas
    • Ask the writer to fill in the blanks:
      • My purpose in this paper is______
      • My purpose in this section is_______
    • If you cannot see the purpose:
      • Ask "So what?" questions, like...
        • "What does this point have to do with this paragraph?"
        • "What does this paragraph have to do with this paper?"
      • Play the devil's advocate:
        • Counter what the writer has stated
        • Bring up other perspectives
    • Offer more examples
    • Ultimately, leave final decisions up to the writer
    • Don't focus on editing (punctuation, spelling, etc.); those types of things will be examined later and the grammatical mistakes you point out may not even be in the final draft anyway!
  • Get in to groups of 4 and write feedback to 3 authors on their drafts.
  • Make feedback meaningful and beneficial; don't just say "This is good" or "This stinks"!
  • Write a brief paragraph at the end or on the back of the draft that addresses the author personally and gives a general overview of their work.
  • Give your feedback to your partners and get ready for discussion!

Submission Guidelines

  • You can submit your work for assessment by uploading it to your wiki page!
    • In order to do this, you'll need to create an attach link, like this:

[[Attach:JoeSchmoLitAutobio.docx|Joe's Literacy Autobiography]]

then click on it to begin the upload procedure.

  • From there, you will be asked to browse for the file, then click the upload button. Clicking on the green link at the top, the one with your name in it, will return you to the page you just uploaded to. The "Δ" that was at the end of the attach link should be gone and when you click it, it should open your document!
  • Important!: Your submission is not complete until you create a link to your attachment in the DROPBOX. The link must be created by 8 AM Friday morning to meet the deadline and the version that is linked at that time will be assessed for a grade.


  • Final feedback: I will email each of you some final advice for editing and polishing your projects tonight. Use it to create a publishable version of your writing!
  • Jose Limon event
  • Complete revision and editing of Literacy Autobiography! Submissions will be accepted until 8am Friday.