• I'm going to hand back your responses from Monday's discussion.
  • Reflect on the Triad theme: "Freedom Isn't Free" and ask yourself:
    • What kind of freedom is evident in your own life?
    • Where else do these kinds of freedom appear?
    • Have these same freedoms always existed?
    • Why is it important to think about freedom?
  • Write about your reflections for the next 5-10 minutes

Freedoms in Charlotte Temple

  • Let's spend some time discussing how Rowson depicts different freedoms and how you might go about investigating them in your essays.

Rhetorical Devices

  • Take a look at the Rhetorical Terms that you might use to describe Rowson's writing.
  • Get into pairs to look at one term of your choosing.
    • We'll make assignments so that there isn't any double dipping.
  • After discussing for a little bit with your partner, you'll be expected to explain to the class what your term involves.
    • If you have any particular examples from the text (or elsewhere), be sure to include them.
  • Be sure to take notes while your classmates present; you might want to examine in your essay a rhetorical term that they are describing!
  • Class Practice


  • Continue reading Charlotte Temple. Try to get through Volume I over the weekend.
  • Begin using your writings from this week to develop a Shitty First Draft of your ideas about freedom.
    • We'll use this later as a basis for explaining the rhetorical devices you uncover in Rowson's writing!
    • Bring it to class on Monday for a homework grade.