Freewrite & Discussion

  • Let's start by freewriting!
    • The Grant-Davie homework covers some of the terms that we've used so far, but in greater detail.
    • Why is it important for us to have a good understanding of the ideas of rhetoric?
    • How does this stuff translate in the real world?


  • Let's figure out how to pinpoint some of these ideas by using what the book describes as "prime examples of rhetorical communication:" commercials!
  • Today, you'll be organizing your ideas; Wednesday, you'll be presenting them to the rest of the class!
    • Let's begin by figuring out who will be in what Writing Team!
      • BTW, the link for these writing teams can be found at the top of the Student Pages!
    • We'll be organizing you randomly, so be prepared to work with new faces :)
    • Each member of the team will have specific roles, but for now we simply need to designate a "scribe" (someone who will host content on their wiki and type/write on behalf of the team)
    • Next, I want you to use youtube (or anywhere else you can find commercials) to search for an advertisement that does the following things:
  1. Demonstrates a clear focus on accomplishing a goal
  2. Creates a discourse within the commercial itself; in other words, someone in the commercial plays the role of audience, not just the viewer of the commercial
  3. Constraints or limitations on the rhetor. Remember that constraints can be both positive (assets) and negative (liabilities).
    • Once your team has decided on a commercial you want to use (make sure you have a link to it on one of your wiki pages!), you'll need to make some notes about each of the rhetorical elements demonstrated in it.
      • Define and describe the Rhetors, Audience(s), Constraints, and Exigence. These notes will serve as your presentation materials for Wednesday! Make sure you are thorough in class in order to be successful when you come back!


  • Prepare to explain your commercial to the class on Wednesday.
    • Exchange information with your teammates (at least email, but phone numbers/facebook/twitter/etc. helps too, if you want to!) so that you can discuss how you want to present. Appointing a "lead" spokesperson is the least you should do to ensure success.