• How does "Anne Braden" relate to your own experience and what you've written about yourself in your autobiography?
  • What are some specific things that you have learned about yourself from examining your discourse communities and your cultural background?
  • Keep these freewrites and include them in your portfolio

Peer Editing

  • Use your computer to help you (Spelling,Grammar Index)
  • If you aren't sure about something, mark it for the author to check on (but don't make accusations about correctness!).

Discuss portfolio

  • Clarify expectations (organization, etc.)
  • Address concerns (where to turn it in, etc.)
  • See page 108 in your course book for a description of the reflective overview.
  • Get focused and get it done!

Discuss Portfolios 2 & 3

  • As a class, present me with any questions you have come up with.
  • Talk about meeting on Tuesday as combined class with seminar.
  • Heads up: research is next!


  • Make final revisions
  • Think about your reflective overview and how you want to organize your portfolio
  • Finalize your portfolio. Keep in mind that you will be graded on your progression as a writer first, and on the content of your paper second.
  • Turn in your portfolios on time!