Freewrite about homework article

  • How does this frame our interpretation of Rowson's audience?
  • What can we compare or contrast from that interpretation and our interpretation of our own modern audience?
  • How does that help define our freedoms?

Audience analysis: What do we know about the people reading Charlotte Temple at the time of its publication?

  • Who read back then anyway?
  • Who reads stuff today?
  • Connect material from HIST1301: Based on the ideas of rebellion that existed in Colonial America, I'd like you to think about Rowson's audience and make connections between the social climate then and now by doing a bit of...

Practice Analysis

  • Get into groups of 5.
  • Each group will select a song ( pick one you enjoy!) that describes an act of rebellion. This can be from any genre and doesn't have to be PG.
  • After you've selected and discussed your song, formulate a short paragraph that explains these things:
    • Whose values are in conflict?
    • What values are supported by the song?
    • What lyrics in the song demonstrate a change in values?
    • What is the audience's role in this change?
  • Write your paragraph on one group member's wiki page, with a link to the song if you can get it.
    • Be sure to include the other group members names on the page.
  • On Friday, we'll share with the class!