Don't forget to meet in OCNR 243 today!!


  • Take a few minutes to freewrite about Flight.
    • Have you begun to think about the perspective part of your essay?
    • What events/characters/ideas from the book do you empathize with?
    • How would you explain your personal connections to it?

Drafting Theses & Flight Discussion

  • Let's use your knowledge of Flight and the project decription to formulate some ideas about possible thesis statements!
    • Discuss the homework you brought with your neighbor to determine what the best possible strategies for constructing a thesis statement would be. Take notes on your homework page for reference!
    • In a few minutes, I'll have you get into your writing teams to add content to your theses!
    • Keep in mind that even thesis statements require drafting. You may not keep everything that you write today, but at least you'll have something to work with!
  • Whatever time we have left after you've been adequately productive with this will be used for discussion of the current section of the book.
    • It's getting crazy, huh?


  • Use the freewrites and in-class writing we've done to compile a list of personal experiences you might use in the perspectives part of your Flight essay!
    • This can be typed or hand-written, but it needs to be about a page long and you'll need to bring it to class on Monday.