• What did you like or dislike about portfolio 1?
  • Was there anything you would have changed?

On to Portfolio 2!

What is Research?

Your last paper was involved research in the form of personal reflection, developing awareness of your identity, and exploring what discourse communities your participate in. These are all valid and important to your writing, but for portfolios 2 and 3, we are going to utilize the many resources available here on campus, and perhaps some outside of the school, as well.

Ways of researching at TAMUCC:

    * library database
    * archives
    * Google scholar
    * Inter-library loan 

P.S. It may be helpful to write these down, or ask me about any other ideas you have, so that you can inquire about them when you visit the library.

Brainstorming Activity

  • make a list of things about which you know something, but would like to know more. make the list as long as you can and don't leave things off if they pop into your head, even if they seem wrong or out of place.
  • make another list, but this time write down things that you don;t know much about, but would like to learn more. Again, write anything that comes to mind.
  • examine your lists and find one subject that piques your interest more than any other.
  • Brainstorm some questions about the topic you chose. If you are having trouble thinking of questions about that topic, go back and select another topic off of your list.

We will now get into groups of five and have each group decide on 3 to 5 topics which they feel would make excellent topics for your portfolios. Once we have everyone's ideas on the board, we can narrow them down to 5 possible topics for you to begin researching. By narrowing this down, I hope that you will be able to help each other in your research. This does not mean, however, that you should not find your own sources! I expect original sources from everyone.

(Set up research field trip for seminar)

Information on critically analyzing information sources.

Questions on Research?


  • Read over Portfolio 2 information, we will go over this Thursday
  • Read Wikipedia Research
  • Read Why To Wiki or Not to Wiki in Research Papers