• Today, I want you to begin preparing for the final part of this Flight Essay.
    • Freewrite today about the author aspect of your rhetorical situation.
    • What personal beliefs/attributes/traits affect your perspective on this book?

Perspective...and Objectivity

  • The influence of your personal perspective will play a role in the way you choose to discuss identity in the final part of this essay, as well.
  • Let's write down some key things about ourselves and how they have an impact on that:
    • Age
    • Experiences
    • Gender
    • Location
    • Political Beliefs
    • Education
    • Parents
    • Peers
    • Religion
  • Once you have some of these things written down, make a note of what role they play in your own identity. Which ones are bigger influences? Which ones are transitional (currently changing) and which are more concrete? Which ones would you like to alter, if you could, and why?
  • Carolyn Csongradi lists some practical terms for explaining your perspective:
    • Perspective of justice: Conflicts are viewed from the perspective in which you see yourself as a person separate from others. Solutions to conflicts are approached by referring to impartial rules or standards.
    • Perspective of care: Conflicts are concerned with issues that involve maintaining relationships. Resolving the conflict involves approaching others on their own terms; the welfare of others is emphasized.
    • Perspective of fairness or equality: Conflicts come from a need to balance resources or desires among individuals or groups. In principle, no one should benefit at the expense of another, particularly if that person can least afford the sacrifice.
  • Using your awareness of these things will help you to remain objective when you explore the idea of American Identity.
    • Each of you will, necessarily, bring some subjectivity to this assignment. In order to make this meaningful, you'll need to bring some metacognition into your writing process and develop your ability to address your own biases. This is no small task, but it will improve your objectivity as a writer and improve your literacy as a participant in the Academic Discourse! That's empowering!!

Preparing for Wednesday

  • On Wednesday, you'll be expected to discuss Flight in a way that demonstrates your intent to write about identity.
    • Come to class with ideas about how you can approach the prompt in the project description.
    • Consider how Dr. Carroll has discussed American Identity in history lecture!
    • The more you bring to the discussion, the better feedback we can give you, as a class!


  • Bring your Flight book to Compinar for our final discussion on Wednesday.
  • Don't forget about the quiz!!