Preparing for the Big Issue

Today we are going to examine American Slavery through the arguments of two very different men: George Fitzhugh and Frederick Douglass

Document #1: "The Blessings of Slavery" from Cannibals All! (Fitzhugh, 1857)

  • A Little Background
  • The Document
  • Dissecting His Argument
    • In your groups, examine the quote that I've assigned to you and answer these questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. What is he talking about?
  2. What problem do you have with this statement?
  3. Why might someone agree with this?

Document #2: "Independence Day Speech" (Douglass, 1852)

Final Thoughts:

  1. Would we be the country we are today without slavery in our past? (If not, would we be better? Worse?)
  2. Does slavery still exist?