• Think about your writing process and the steps you've taken in composing your Literacy Autobiography so far.
    • Freewrite for a few minutes about what you have learned or might practice and/or change in the future!

Additional Revision!

  • Take 15-20 minutes to try out this exercise as best you can.
  • Have one of your peer review partners (or just your neighbor) choose one (or a few) of the ideas from the article you read for homework that they think might work well for your draft, as they remember it.
    • Apply these lessons to your draft! You don't have to stick with the results, but make an attempt to see where it leads you!
  • Next, consult with a partner again to discuss the results.
    • Be considerate of the nature of this exercise; be constructive, not negative.
  • Ultimately, this should give you an idea of the variety of writing practices that are used to improve and adapt any given text. No particular piece of writing should be considered static or unchangeable!
  • If we have time, I'd like to ask for volunteers to share the kind of revision they practiced and what they learned from it.


  • For homework, I'd like you to examine this example of MLA style.
    • On Wednesday, we'll be practicing editing and introducing the fundamentals of MLA to your essays!