• Today's freewrite is about deadlines!
    • Consider what purpose deadlines serve and why they are sometimes flexible (but don't read into that; you still need to get your essays turned in on time!)
    • How does the importance of meeting deadlines fit into the idea of publication?


  • Alright, now let's discuss the process of editing.
    • It's not just about grammar!
    • Matching your writing to your audience is something you should be doing throughout your writing process, but there are things you can do in the editing stage that will especially help meet this need.
    • Think about genre!
  • Ok, put it into practice by using my handy trick for self-editing :)


  • After that exercise, you should be putting the final touches on your essay.
    • If you've still got some work to do in the revision and editing phase, don't worry; you can add this stuff (and proof it!), then return to any step of the process you need to revisit.
  • Look back at the example page and we'll discuss the key ingredients!


  • Submit your Literacy Autobiographies via blackboard (by 9am Friday)!