• Think about the different "voices" represented in the research you've conducted so far!
    • What causes people to have different perspectives on the same topic?
    • How do different opinions demonstrate valuable aspects of a discourse?

Comparing Sources

  • What makes a source strong?
    • credibility, evidence, currency, perspective, relevance


  • Let's discuss how bias works and how we can be objective about the perspectives we're examining!
    • The most important step in maintaining objectivity is to understand our own Confirmation Bias!
    • What other kinds of Biases are there?
  • Work with your group to answer this question about each of your sources:
    • Was this particular source chosen to conform to or challenge existing beliefs?

Works Cited

  • Once you've selected your 5 best sources for comparing, let's put them into correct MLA format!


  • Be prepared on Friday to write about the rhetorical situation, as defined by Grant-Davie.