DeVoss Activity

  • Let's take the literacies described in the DeVoss article and write about them for a moment.
    • Using your book as a guide, spend 10 minutes describing the particular case study that you chose to read.
      • Think about how you connected with or empathized with the subject.
    • Think about how this particular case was defined by context, external forces, and sponsors!
    • Finally, be sure to mention why this is the one you chose; why not the others?

Application to Literacy Autobiography

  • Let's discuss how this kind of practice applies to your own writing.
  • Using your list of your literacy experiences and your outline, write about their significance in relation to each other and your discourse communities. You should have at least a page and a half, separate from your list, that discusses your literacy, by the end of class.
    • Your discussion should consider not only what experiences have shaped your literacy, but in what way they have shaped them. Remember that this is just drafting and doesn't have to be polished! Content is much more valuable than style at this point in your writing!
    • Using this early drafting, we'll work in partners to help develop organization and add elaboration to your examples.
    • Primarily, you should be thinking about how you can use your examples to describe your literacy as a writer.
    • Let's make your drafts work better! :)


  • Revise your draft and expand your discussion of writing literacy to create a reviewable version of your autobiography!
    • Bring your new draft to class Wednesday for peer review! You should have 3 copies printed, or an electronic version that can be used by your peers.