Peer Workshop

  • Peer review is an important part of the writing process!
    • Let's freewrite, then discuss some guidelines for giving feedback in order to make this a worthwhile endeavor.


  • Objective Feedback
  • Read the entire draft before marking on it!
    • Seeing someone's text from your own perspective
    • Explaining to them how you "see" it
    • Being kind, but honest, in the process
  • Ways of Responding
    • Circle or mark a ? in the text where you are confused
    • Ask the writer to explain her/his ideas
    • Ask the writer to fill in the blanks:
      • My purpose in this paper is______
      • My purpose in this section is_______
    • If you cannot see the purpose:
      • Ask "So what?" questions, like...
        • "What does this point have to do with this paragraph?"
        • "What does this paragraph have to do with this paper?"
      • Play the devil's advocate:
        • Counter what the writer has stated
        • Bring up other perspectives
    • Offer more examples
    • Ultimately, leave final decisions up to the writer
    • Don't focus on editing (punctuation, spelling, etc.); those types of things will be examined later and the grammatical mistakes you point out may not even be in the final draft anyway!
  • Get in to groups of 4 and write feedback to 3 authors on their drafts.
  • Make feedback meaningful and beneficial; don't just say "This is good" or "This stinks"!
  • Write a brief paragraph at the end or on the back of the draft that addresses the author personally and gives a general overview of their work.
  • Give your feedback to your partners and get ready for discussion!

Looking Ahead

  • You'll need to save your work as a .doc file in order to upload it to Blackboard.
  • Important!: Your submission is not complete until you upload it to Blackboard. The file must be uploaded by 9 AM Friday morning on the 14th to meet the deadline; the last version uploaded at that time will be assessed for a grade.


  • Sign up for a conference time
  • Revise your Literacy Autobiography!
    • Bring it to your conference so that we can discuss where we can add to or revise it.