• Freewrite today about how your experience with research in Project 2 could help you with this Ethnography.
    • In what way do academic sources help demonstrate things about perspective?
    • How can popular sources help define perceptions of your chosen discourse community?
    • What kind of sources should you look for first?

Annotated Bibliography

Initial Investigation

  • I'd like to use the homework you've done this week to begin our discussion of your topics.
    • Use this collection of other students' ideas to help shape your investigation.
    • Then...
  • Let's use your topic ideas to explore what evidence of the discourse is readily available.
    • This early investigation should allow you to narrow down your Ethnography topic.


  • Identify your research topic and post it here before class on Monday!
  • In three teams (I'll sort them out in class), choose one of the three following readings:
  1. Mirabelli, "Learning to Serve: The Language and Literacy of Food Service Workers" (p.538-554)
  2. McCarthy, "A Stranger in Strange Lands: A College Student Writing Across the Curriculum" (p.667-695)
  3. Branick, "Coaches Can Read, Too: An Ethnographic Study of a Football Coaching Discourse Community" (p.557-573)
  • Next Wednesday, you'll be responsible for facilitations about these readings. Each member must discuss one distinct aspect of the reading, in relationship to the Ethnography you're working on. For example, one team member might discuss one aspect of the discourse community (lexis, goals, genres), or one of you might discuss one of the procedural aspects of the research (interviews, observations [quantitative, qualitative, participant (i.e. active), non-participant (i.e. passive)], thesis). We'll go over these terms again on Monday!
  • Each team will have about half of a class to facilitate (I'll decide randomly, so everyone needs to be prepared on Wednesday!) and the third group to go will have the beginning of Friday's class.
    • This facilitation counts for two homework grades, so be sure to make your participation evident!