Your actual facilitation will be worth 50% of your grade on this assignment and will follow the rubric below. Everyone in the group who is present on the day of the facilitation will earn the same score for this portion of the grade.

The facilitation was carefully planned, well thought out, and lasted at least 20 minutes.
It is obvious that the group members worked together as a team to prepare the facilitation.
Facilitators showed a thorough familiarity with and clear understanding of the lecture topic, assigned readings, and related course vocabulary.____/10
Facilitators did a good job of monitoring and encouraging discussion/activity among their peers and made sure that the class did not digress from the pertinent issues involved in the discussion. The facilitators treated their classmates with respect.____/10
Facilitators did not monopolize discussion, but instead provided thought-provoking questions and/or activities to spur further class participation and discussion. The group used a variety of techniques to help students review the materials (and did not simply try to "reteach" the content).____/10