The Assignment!

Section 254:

  • Ryan, Mary, Hannah, Victoria
  • Cassandra, Veronica, Kasey, Alana
  • Gabby, Melanie, Natalie, Adam
  • Zack, Ricky, Edwin, Halle
  • Rianna, Joseph, Elisabeth, Lauren
  • Juan, Andrew, Star, Selena

Section 262:

  • Ashley, Clarissa, Cindy, Destiny
  • Jake, Francie, Xavier, Max
  • Donavon, Alyssa, Cristina, Felicia
  • Allie, Harmony, Hannah
  • Zack, Manuel, Gloria
  • Waleed, James, Trenton, Darian
  • Meagan, Sofia, Matthew, Janette

I will provide In-class Peer Evaluation Sheets for you to evaluate your peers as you play one another's games in class on May 3rd.

This is the rubric your Seminar instructors will use to evaluate your project as a whole:The Game Assignment Rubric