Your first year of college is a pivotal year in the course of your academic development. It might surprise you to discover, however, that in addition to the content knowledge you have gained, you have probably honed many "soft skills" as part of the Computer Science LC this semester/year that make you more marketable to future employers.

Your final major requirement for First-Year Seminar will be to prepare a portfolio of documents and related materials that elevate your professional job search potential. The assignment sequence will be structured so that many of your major documents will be reviewed multiple times before the final submission on Friday, April 27th.

The documents in your Career Portfolio will include:

  1. A Resume
  2. A Cover Letter
  3. Three Experiential Artifacts (see below)
  4. A Personal Website
  5. A Reflective Overview

As part of this Career Portfolio project, you will be required to submit AT LEAST three "experiential artifacts" each documenting your participation in one of the following events/activities this semester:

  • Attendance at the Business Etiquette Dinner (Tuesday, March 6th)
  • Attendance at the All Major Career Fair (Wednesday, March 7th)
  • Attendance at the All Major Education Career Fair (Wednesday, April 11th)
  • Active involvement in a campus organization related to gaining leadership experience and/or your field of study
  • Bring your resume to UC 304 (Career Services) for a quick resume review any Friday from 10-4 (no appt. necessary)!
  • Participation in a mock interview or resume review (Contact Jace Medina/Career Services to set this up!)
  • Attendance at an information session hosted on campus
  • Presentation at the First-Year Research Conference (FYRC)
  • Taking the online At-Risk training course for students (save your completion certificate as proof)
  • A personal interview with someone in your desired field
  • Any other (instructor-approved!) career-related function/event

There will be due dates for drafts of the different documents, but the final portfolio will be due by 11:59pm on Friday, April 27th. Your submission will simply consist of a link to your personal website that includes all of the other required documents.