Step 1: Check out your degree plan

Step 2: Select a learning community!

  • To see the list of options, go here:
  • Select:
    • Spring 2016
    • All Subjects
    • Triad/Tetrad
  • The sections with the same "Triad Group" (1C, etc) are linked. There are a TON of options!
  • Write down the CRN, course/section, and day/time on your game plan for ALL of the learning community courses! Come up with at least one back-up plan!
  • NOTES:
    • You MUST sign up for all of the courses in a learning community! :)
    • Some learning communities contain ENGL 1302, some do not. Pick one that's appropriate for you.

Step 3: Select your remaining courses

  • Go back to the main schedule page here:
  • Select:
    • Spring 2016
    • <Course Subject>
    • All Courses
  • Use this process to identify the courses you need to take and select your ideal choices to write on your game plan. Make sure to have back-up plans!

Step 4: Take care of your holds

  • You won't be able to move onto Step 5 until you get rid of ALL of your holds. (They don't disappear if you just try to ignore/avoid them!)

Step 5: Register

  • SAIL ( opens up at MIDNIGHT for registration on your assigned day
  • Login and click on:
    • Student → Registration → Add or Drop Classes
    • Verify any requests (for Code Blue information, etc) and select "Spring 2016" as the term
  • Registration page:
    • In the spaces provided, enter the 5-digit Call Number (CRN) for each class you would like to add to your schedule.
    • Once you have entered the Call Numbers for all courses you desire to take, click on Submit Changes.
    • You can "web drop" a class on this page if needed. It doesn't count against you.

What if you get registration errors?

  • You might have a typo. Try again.
  • Read the error to see what it is. If you can figure out the issue -- great! If not, talk to me or an advisor ASAP!
  • Possible errors:
    • The class is already full. That can happen. Time for your back-up plan.
    • You somehow mismatched your LC classes or a lecture/lab combination. Check out the listing on the Class Schedule to make sure you're matching the right classes.
    • The class is restricted to certain majors/levels/types of students. Check out the listing on the Class Schedule to see if that's the case.
    • You don't have the required prerequisite for the course. This happens a lot with math classes, even if you do have the proper prerequisites. Frustrating, I know.
  • A little advice: Sign up for what you can to hold your spots in the classes you ARE able to register for. You can always change them later if needed.