Description: This assignment is a personal profile that allows me to learn your name and little about you. If it helps, you can think of it as similar to a Facebook profile.


  • Name: preferably the name you would like to be called in this class. ex...Drew instead of Andrew.
  • Photo: a classroom appropriate image with you clearly visible.
  • This should represent you (favorite sport, hobby, movie, subject, food, general interests, etc.).
    • In other words, share with me a little about yourself.
  • On the back of your profile, you will need to do your first daily writing (can be done as question/answer, in paragraph format, or in letter format - please answer the questions!
    • What has been your greatest accomplishment?
    • Why have you decided to attend college?
    • What three goals do you hope to meet by the end of the semester?
    • What can I as your seminar instructor do to make your semester productive and meaningful?