It's registration time !!

  • Registration for Summer/Fall opens next week! For most first year students, the date is April 5th.(You can see the classes HERE!)
    • Think about making an appointment with your advisor if you need help picking classes!
  • Thinking about transferring ? :( Make an appointment with the Islander Transition Center to see what core classes will transfer to your next school !
  • Do you have any holds? (To find out: Go to SAIL and click on Student -> Student Records -> View Holds)

Next Tuesday, April 2nd Seminar will not meet.

I have an alternative assignment for you to complete in lieu of our regular class meetings. It's time for you to begin planning for Summer/Fall Registration ! In lieu of class, I need you to complete this worksheet. Completing this will count toward your participation and attendance for the day.

You must bring me this worksheet with you to class on Thursday, April 4th or you will forfeit your attendance and participation points!